Ungraded Discussion Forums

There are two categories in our Moodle gradebook--ungraded and graded. The ungraded discussion forums offer you the opportunity to view, rate (using a 5-star system), and reply to your small group members' posts (or at least five posts if the discussion forum is not set up for small groups).

To rate each of your group members' posts, simply click the drop down box and select your rating. It would also be helpful to your classmates to provide feedback.

Graded Discussion Forums

Three of the discussion forums are graded by your facilitator, using a checklist (one colum rubric) or traditional rubric. You can easily view the graded items for the course by visiting your gradebook in Moodle. To do this, click the "Grades" link in the Settings block.

Graded Discussion Forums

Grades: View

Here you will see your current grades that have been posted to the course. Note the ungraded category, which still provides percentage grades, but do not count toward your final score in the workshop. The graded items are the quizzes and three discussion forums graded by your facilitator, using a checklist or rubric. The feedback column in the gradebook will contain overall feedback from the rubrics, but not comments on individual criteria. To view individual feedback on rubric criteria, you must click the "Joule Grader" link in the Settings block. You can do this in the right-hand column of the grader report.

Settings>Course Administration>Joule Grader

In the Settings block, expand the Course administration so you can view "Joule Grader." Click this link.

Joule Grader to View Detailed Rubric Comments

You will be directed to a new page, which will list all of the graded visible discussion forums. To view detailed comments on any of your submitted assignments, select the assignment from the drop-down list at the upper-right. In this example, we will view the "Final Project Discussion" discussion forum.

Next, click "View grading checklist."

Note: The Comments box is intended to provide you and your facilitator with a way to share comments on this particular page/assignment. This is not part of the rubric comments by your facilitator.

View Grading Checklist

The rubric/checklist will appear for that particular assignment. If you have a score for this assignment in your gradebook, then you will be able to view detailed comments on each of the criteria here in the checklist or rubric. This example shows the assignment has not yet been graded (red Xs indicate this.) As soon as you receive feedback that you have a score in your gradebook, click the Joule Grader link, the assignment from the drop-down box, and then the View Checklist (or Rubric) to view detailed comments.